silke4ever (silke4ever) wrote in grrl_interupted,

I'm new here

I'm new here, and think I should post and introduce myself.
First of all: I'm a woman more than a girl, 'cause I'm 33...and I lived almost 20 year   with my ED.
I was diagnosed as anorexic restricting type, and I think I was that for the most part of the moment I turned more on bulimic type, but I can't say it surely because I'ven't a recent dyagnosis because I'm half German but  live in Italy (so please forgive my mistakes in English) and in Italy it's very difficult to find any  help about ED if you can't afford to pay a therapist...
In the last couple of years I started having SI problems (burns, first of all, but also cut on my legs and arms...always in places I could hide to people).
At the moment, I'm devasted from the end of my 18 year-long relationship...he broke up with me on february 16,2007 (SI episodes became more frequent after that)...but we are still in touch and I love him, anyway.
My ED was the very first reason of the end of our relationship...even if I can't face it.
that's all.

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